The Knife have made a Spotify playlist of inspirational women

Swedish pair have written an article for feminist magazine Bang on 'queer sounds'. They've also made an accompanying playlist which you can listen to now.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Sweden’s The Knife, along with Frau Rabid of the label they run Rabid Records, have written a piece for the magazine Bang about processed vocals and queer sounds. You’ll have to track down a copy of the publication to read the piece, but you can listen to the accompanying Spotify playlist they made right now. Titled ‘The Knife/Inspiration’ , it contains tracks by women making music, including Lydia Lunch, Daphne Oram, Santigold, Planningtorock and Tama Sumo. It’s a varied and interesting selection, which is what we’d expect from such a varied an interesting pair of musicians.

Listen here on Spotify

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