The Japanese House – Pools To Bathe In

A featherlight, floaty, and airy song - until it's not.


The Japanese House is a 19-year-old artist. Her real name is Amber, and she lives in London. That's the only real info out there about her, meaning you have naff all to go on but the music – but the music should speak for itself.

Pools To Bathe In is The Japanese House's second song – her first, Still, was former BBC Radio 1 presenter and general enthusiasm spunker Zane Lowe's 'Hottest Record In The World' a while ago – and is all featherlight, floaty, and airy… until it's not.

Yes, around the one minute and 18 second mark, the song gets heavy, plunging into pure negative space, an isolated sub bassline that flips the song on its head. But it all resolves with a sense of euphoric release by the end.

Both Still and Pools To Bathe In appear on The Japanese House's debut EP, due out via Dirty Hit (Ben Khan, Wolf Alice, etc.) next month.

Dirty Hit release the 'Pools To Bathe In' EP on April 27th 2015 (pre-order).

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