The Hundred In The Hands – Keep It Low (Andy Stott Remix)

New York pop pair get knackered by the man best at this sort of thing, Andy Stott.


Words by: Charlie Jones

New York pair The Hundred In The Hands are set to release their second album ‘Red Night’ on Warp Records this June. Much like their self-titled debut full length, it’s a set of feathery pop to touch the heart. The Andy Stott remix of the first single from the album is a different beast entirely though, with the Modern Love CEO and creator of ‘knackered house’ turning the light pop drama of the original into a soporific, tranquilized march. Listen below, accompanied by a video of suitably warped and indistinct images of the band.

Warp will release The Hundred In The Hands ‘Keep It Low’ on 28th May 2012

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