The Flaming Lips’ next album is a giant gummy skull you have to eat

The next album by Wayne Coyne's excellent band The Flaming Lips will be embedded onto a USB drive in the cranium of a giant gummy skull.


Words by: Charlie Jones

The Flaming Lips have released music in many fascinating ways (a four-simultaneous-CD album, a symphony on audience member’s Walkmans &c) and their latest is a series of albums, released every other month – one on special vinyl, the other on something else. The first ‘something else’ is a drive in the centre of a life-size yellow gummy skull, which fans will have to eat or claw through to get at the music. As Wayne Coyne explained to the LA Times, they originally wanted a bubble gum skull, but could only find someone who could make skulls that size in gummy stuff, so essentially, this is not only the first gummy skull album, the gummy skull was a second, more realistic choice.

The skulls retail for $150 and have four tracks inside.

Flaming Lips’ ‘Gummy Song Skull’ tracklist
1. Drug Chart
2. In Our Bodies, Out Of Our Heads
3. Walk With Me
4. Hillary’s Time Machine Machine?