The Bible is now on Rap Genius

The hip hop-decoding bloggers are setting their sights on annotating the entire King James Bible.


Words by: Lauren Martin

Rap Genius, the noted US-based blog that takes the time and energy out of dissecting rap lyrics and slang so you don’t have to, have taken on a mammoth task. Apparently not content with working through the rap canon with equal parts parody and affection in a way that has seen them gain the attention of the NY Times amongst others, they’re now taking on possibly one of the most mammoth tasks of cultural translation going – the 17th century King James Bible. It’s so mammoth, in fact, that they need your help in finishing the job.

Through an extensive series of hyperlink explanations, ranging from detailed theological and cultural explanations of phrases and passages to relevant audio clips, images, rap lyrics and memes (yes, really) Rap Genius are appealing to the (knowing) public to contribute to this swarm of links. All you need to do is sign up for an RG account to add your annotations, just as with song lyrics. Quite how accurate, tongue-in-cheek, contemporary and funny this will turn out remains to be seen but, it seems that you can’t keep a good blog down.

You can read the Rap Genius: Holy Bible (KJV) here.