The BFI are celebrating 100 years of Russolo’s Art Of Noise manifesto

The 'Noise Of Art's Electric Nights' event reconnects electronic music to its early home in the cinema.


BFI Southbank are celebrating 100 years since Luigi Russolo wrote A Manifesto For An Art Of Noises with an event that promises to bring electronic music back to its very early home of cinema. Noise Of Art’s Electric Nights will take place on Friday 12th July and will see Vsevolod Pudovkin’s 1926 film Mother receive a live soundtrack created by electronic artists Slow, Mental Overdrive and Aggie Frost. Coldcut will also be DJing the event, providing soundtracks to films from the same era. For more information and tickets, visit here.

Russolo first performed with a proto-synthesier in 1914 and began soundtracking early silent films in Parisian cinemas after the first World War. Last year, Adam Harper contributed an essay to Dummy about Ferruccio Busoni’s century old Sketch Of A New Aesthetic Of Music manifesto, which you can read here.
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