Test your knowledge of Matthew Herbert in a new, interactive sound quiz

What noise does a loaf of bread make? The Guardian are hosting a quiz based on the sound artist's work over the years.


Sound artist Matthew Herbert has done a lot of things with noises over the years – played himself as an instrument, made an album out of a pig – but how well do you know the sounds he uses?

That's what The Guardian are asking with a new interactive quiz. The premise is simple – listen to a sound and answer some questions about its background. In the end, you get a score out of 30.

If it helps, the average score at the Dummy office was 23/30. If you think you can do better, head to the Guardian's interactive quiz.

Herbert released a new album, 'The End Of Silence', this year – you can read our take on that here, and read a discussion about the album's politics in our interview with him.


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