Teengirl Fantasy introduce La Big Vic

New York duo give props to "one of the only truly honest 'fusion' bands".


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

Brooklyn trio La Big Vic – violinist/singer Emilie Friedlander, guitarist/producer Toshio Masuda and keyboardist Peter Pearson – draw on a world of thrillingly diverse influences on new album ‘Cold War’ (out 29th January on Underwater Peoples). Here’s Teengirl Fantasy’s Logan Takahashi on why you should get acquainted.

Logan Takahashi of Teengirl Fantasy: “I got to become friends with Emilie Friedlander when we lived together as roommates in Williamsburg about a year ago. While many artists I know deal with combining different sources and styles, La Big Vic, in both their stylistic references and in their actual make-up are one of the only truly honest ‘fusion’ bands I know of. A lot of times musical eclecticism can end up feeling more like a conceptual one-liner, but with La Big Vic it is used as a (natural) means to an end. One does not have to be aware of the various parts, (cosmic lounge, trip-hop, chill-out, psychedelic rock, eastern pentatonic melodies, J-pop, string music, etc.), that make up the trio’s sound. Indeed it takes a moment of listening to cull out everything that’s going on, since they craft everything so subtly. But even then that would be missing the point when listening to their new album ‘Cold War’ because ultimately La Big Vic sound only like themselves.”

Underwater Peoples release La Big Vic’s second album ‘Cold War’ on 29th January 2013

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