Teengirl Fantasy have their own chatroom

One of our favourite Brooklyn bands further skew their SEO juice by adding a hyper 90s chatroom to their website.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

With their debut album ‘7AM’ released on Merok/True Panther Sounds last September, Brooklyn duo Teengirl Fantasy established their knack for warm and yearning dance music with that classic something that shortcuts to your heart. Their corner of the internet, a shrine to 90s web design, has always taken their name to its ultimate, gif-tastic, tongue-in-cheek conclusion. (My favourite page is the one about rainbows.) But now they’ve gone the whole mile and added a chatroom where you can, y’know, hang out and talk about stuff – including their new album, which is apparently on its way at the end of the summer. Which is soon, right? Yay!

While we wait for official news on that, here’s a reminder why they’re great.

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