suicideyear – Goodbye Florida [For Now]

The Baton Rouge producer misses someone a thousand miles away, filters the pain through Britney Spears.


Words by: Anthony Walker

Britney Spears has long been a favoured canvas for underground artists projecting their angst of because she’s a huge global pop star ubiquitous in most people’s music memories and, well, this. Salem most notably twisted her single Til The World Ends into a dystopic cry in 2011, but that was more about atmosphere than accuracy, since that track was post-breakdown and really about liberation, dancing to loud electro and stuff. suicideyear does something much better with his take on the properly sad Everytime from 2004 – building a gauzy, lo-fi rap beat and straining the original piano melody for all its sadness with great care and intent. The description explains, albeit allusively, that this song is dedicated “to kaykay. goodbye florida, july isnt so far away”.

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