Sudanim – Seydou

UK producer and Her Records bod drops a new track from Sound Pellegrino's melodic new compilation.


Sound Pellegrino's fourth compilation sees the Paris label once again pulling from some of the finest club producers operating in the underground from all over the world.

Whereas their last compilation focused on a style of percussive club tracks that have loosely come to be known as, er, 'club trax' over the past couple of years, their new one is subtitled 'Melodic Mechanisms' and re-introduces melody into the world.

Their reasoning is explained in a press release as such: "They [Sound Pellegrino bosses Teki Latex and DJ Orgasmic] wanted to get excited by melody again in a dance music world where it’s often used to convey re-heated nostalgia, or an overload of clichéd epic-ness. They asked themselves how can they be touched by melody in electronic music again now that the cheap notion of ‘Emo’ has taken over the purity and magic of great harmonies and the weirdly unplaceable feelings provided by mysterious riffs made out of sounds you can’t pinpoint."

UK producer and Her Records co-honch Sudanim showcases this focus on Seydou, where the harmonic influences of grime instrumentals are audible yet the actual construction of the track takes on a different sort of shape.

Varous Artists 'SND.PE Vol.04: Melodic Mechanisms' tracklisting:

01. Doline Karidja
02. Orgasmic Mauvais Garçon
03. Sudanim Seydou
04. Koyote Brigitte
05. Joe Howe Zoned Reminder
06. Nicolas Malinowsky Haunted Piano
07. Matthias Zimmermann Shaquana
08. Chilly Gonzales & P. Morris Late Visitor
09. Voltery 5 Shadows 
10. CYPHR Have Faith
11. Crystal Bill Gate
12. Moleskin Imagine (Handsome Boys Lifestyle)
13. Medicis & Vanshift P11 (outro)
14. Martel Ferdan Toy Gun

Sound Pellegrino release 'SND.PE Vol.04: Melodic Mechanisms' on January 19th 2015 (pre-order).

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