Premiere: Stubborn Heart – Two Times a Maybe

Soulful electronic duo reveal an ominous new track from their upcoming debut album.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Stubborn Heart are the London and Oxford-based duo of Luca Santucci and Ben Fitzgerald, who make delicate electronic soul with some prominent pop leanings, matching glitchy and hyperactive beats with warm strings and a vocal so intimate that it practically clings to your earlobe. The world found this out last year when the artists leaked an anonymous white label called Need Someone, a quietly romantic, instantly familiar song.

This brand new track Two Times a Maybe is a sinister cut from the pair’s upcoming self-titled debut, washing its playful melody – which pleads “don’t go, please stay” – in a sheen of uneasy distortion and the jittery fragments of a female backing vocal. It evokes a feeling of nervous desperation, capturing something so familiar that it sticks around long after its three and a half minutes.

Refreshingly human and immediate, Stubborn Heart’s music has that elusive magic that makes you think “that’s it, exactly” – take a listen below.

One Little Indian will release ‘Stubborn Heart’ on the 5th November, 2012.

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