WIFE – Tongue

Stream a second preview from the dark singer-songwriter's Tri Angle debut.


Words by: Anthony Walker

Irish musician James Kelly will release his debut album as WIFE, called 'What's Between', on Tri Angle Records in a week and bit. Kelly was part of black metal band Altar of Plagues for six years before he started this project, and he brings a weight of darkness to it – though it's worth mentioning that he is now a solo act, and performs in a very à la mode electronic singer-songwriterly guise.

Tongue follows the initial news of the album and a stream of the track Heart Is A Far Light as an example of his most recent ambient/industrial-styled pop. Produced by formidable team of WIFE himself, Lie, The Haxan Cloak and Roly Porter, it's a slow-stalking song ("A lie is what I prefer over truth", he repeats) that rises in a crescendo in the middle before settling back once more and finally flying out on a platform of aggressive techno rhythms and growling synths. 

Tri Angle release 'What's Between' on June 9th 2014.

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