Tei Shi – Bassically

The Brooklyn-based, Argentina-born singer airs her latest single.


Tei Shi is Valerie Reicher, a singer and songwriter who lives in Brooklyn but has lived in places including Bogota, Vancouver, and Boston in the past. We've written about her a couple of times before, most recently with her 'Saudade' EP (which, admittedly, wasn't that recently – it came out 11 months ago), but now she's back with a new single called Bassically.

No, that's not a typo – Tei Shi is making a very clever pun based on the fact that there is a heavy, synthesized bassline running through Bassically, which starts off as a low rumble and ends up swelling and subsuming the whole song by the end of its running time.

Double Denim released Bassically on October 9th 2014 (buy).