Quirke – Acid Beth

More uncategorisable sounds from the recent Young Turks signing.


Quirke is a new signing to Young Turks, one of the best independent labels around today. The first thing that we heard from them was the abstrusely yet evocatively titled Break A Mirrored Leg, a song which came out with very little in the way of context. All you had to go on was the music, which was ecstatic – bright, shimmering, and relentless electronic music, like hearing some of the more colourful moments from Oneohtrix Point Never's 'R Plus Seven' (think a song like Zebra) filtered through two decades of UK sound system culture. It was very, very good, basically, which is why it's exciting to share another new track from the artist today.

Acid Beth is the title track from Quirke's debut EP, which is out today. With its release, Quirke has also done away with some of the smoke and mirrors – while we still can't say much about him, we can say that Quirke is the chosen alias of Josh Quirke, a producer and carpenter(!) from London whose sound is impossible to define. Acid Beth is a pop ambient piece that places classical piano over deep drones, breathy pads, and a distant sigh that could be a voice.

Young Turks release the 'Acid Beth' EP on May 19th 2014 (buy).

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