Only Real – Pass The Pain

Only Real's infectious guitar pop gets a bit of studio spit and polish.


Only Real is back with a new song, Pass The Pain, following recent single Cadillac Girl. Pass The Pain feels like one of those rags-to-riches types of stories you get on 90% of all rap albums, only shaped to fit Only Real's worldview: there's an early line in the song about how he made it to this point "in my underpants" – "here" presumably being a major label, "underpants" being that he probably did record most of his early, scrappy bedroom guitar pop songs wearing naught but his boxers. Pass The Pain brings out its hooks with a bit of major label spit and polish.

A debut album – produced by Ben H Allen in Atlanta, USA and Dan Carey in London, England – is due next year. UK fans wanting to see Only Real live, he'll play at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen in London on November 27th.

Vigin EMI/Harvest Records release Pass The Pain on September 29th 2014.