Mozart’s Sister – Good Thing Bad Thing

Super excellent synth pop from Canada.


Mozart's Sister is a musician who has an affiliation with some of the DIY pop music that was coming out of Montreal a few years ago via labels like Arbutus Records. We interviewed her back in 2012, and she also did this synth pop song which we wrote about – which was, funnily enough, called Mozart's Sister – and it was bloody amazing. It still gets periodically stuck in our heads, 18 months on.

She's releasing an album now called 'Being' (why she didn't also call this 'Mozart's Sister' is beyond us) and there's this new song from it called Good Thing Bad Thing. In some ways it's super bubblegum, but the lyrics are actually really real: You can't get a good thing without a bad thing. It gets more and more depressing the more you think about it.

Asthmatic Kitty release 'Being' on August 25th 2014 (pre-order).