Martyn & copeland – Love of Pleasure

Stream an anthemic track from the Dutch producer's new album featuring the ex-Hype Williams artist.


Words by: Anthony Walker

Love of Pleasure is a new song by Dutch producer Martyn and ex-Hype Williams star (Inga) copeland, taken from the former's forthcoming album 'The Air Between Words'. An attention grabbing, but by no means surprising, link-up, you may remember that Martyn previously made A&E with copeland, in which her world-weary singing complemented his skittering beat beautifully. This song has a similarly slightly-down-but-slightly-up feeling, the production dense and reverby and the lyrics pondering the possibilty of the title topic.

As well as looking forward to Martyn's new album, don't forget that copeland has just released her own, 'Because I'm Worth It', an album so good it was our favourite of last week.

Ninja Tune release 'The Air Between Words' on 16th June 2014 (buy).

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