Luke Abbott – Free Migration


Following the announcement of his new album 'Wysing Forest' and its first track Amphis, here is Luke Abbott's Free Migration. Warm, fuzzy, and percolating, Free Migration is a fine piece of electronic music, although a slightly tricky one: too groovy to just listen to at home but too awkward to listen to in a club, it plays out like a somewhat more fleshed-out version of Border Community labelmate James Holden's classic Idiot.

Read our short update with Abbott, conducted last year, where he spoke briefly about the new album.

Live dates:

June 21st: South Devon Arts Centre, Totnes
June 23rd: Mono, Glasgow
June 25th: Kraak Gallery, Manchester
June 26th: St. Pancras Old Church, London

November 11th: Café Oto (w/ Karen Gwyer & Lara Cannell), London
November 12th: Vortex (w/ Jack Wylie & guests), London

Border Community release 'Wysing Forest' on June 23rd 2014.