Luke Abbott – Free Migration

Bubbling, percolating, slightly awkward music from the luscious Border Community artist.


Following the announcement of his new album 'Wysing Forest' and its first track Amphis, here is Luke Abbott's Free Migration. Warm, fuzzy, and percolating, Free Migration is a fine piece of electronic music, although a slightly tricky one: too groovy to just listen to at home but too awkward to listen to in a club, it plays out like a somewhat more fleshed-out version of Border Community labelmate James Holden's classic Idiot.

Read our short update with Abbott, conducted last year, where he spoke briefly about the new album.

Live dates:

June 21st: South Devon Arts Centre, Totnes
June 23rd: Mono, Glasgow
June 25th: Kraak Gallery, Manchester
June 26th: St. Pancras Old Church, London

November 11th: Café Oto (w/ Karen Gwyer & Lara Cannell), London
November 12th: Vortex (w/ Jack Wylie & guests), London

Border Community release 'Wysing Forest' on June 23rd 2014.

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