Laszlo Dancehall – Laszlo Dancehall [EP stream]

Listen to Leon Vynehall and Christian Piers' collaborative three-tracker for ManManMusic.


Words by: Karen Chan

Descending onto ManMakeMusic next week is a collaborative self-titled EP by Laszlo Dancehall‎, the UK duo otherwise known as Brighton’s Leon Vynehall and Croydon’s finest, Christian Piers (A1 Bassline). Marking the eighth installment for the label run by George Fitzgerald, it’s a three-tracker flirting with elements of deep house, spinning together masses of bliss-inducing, shining textures and slow-rising rhythms. Opening track Gave Up is undeniably weightless and cushiony, exploring the sound of the immersive while creating a body-jackin’ tension. Ain’t No Time takes a similar approach, though ploughing deeper into the heady groove of 4×4 beat. Final track Manley Harrison finishes on a high, sprinkling dusky, techno-injected synths, substantial percussions and Arthur Russell vocal samples over its already refined, bubbling warm swells of electronics.

In other Leon Vynehall news, he will make a special appearance at Jack (of Friendly Fires) and Edwin’s (of Foals) Deep Shit party, taking place at east London venue Plastic People on Friday 17th May. Further information and ticket details here.

ManMakeMusic will release Laszlo Dancehall’s self titled EP on 17th May, 2013