JUCE – (H)ours

Super groovy London girl trio share their latest song.


JUCE are a fun little trio from London who happily describe themselves as a girl band and whose members are, befitting of such a description, known only by their first names – Georgia, Chalin, and Cherish. The video for their last single, Call You Out, evoked very specific memories of being a teenage girl in the UK during the '90s and early '00s – think Motorola flip phones, secret diaries, afterschool CITV shows, etc. – for anyone that heard it, even those that weren't teenage girls during the '90s (or, you know, ever).

Before that, however, they released a single called Braindead through producer Dan Carey's make-a-track-in-a-day label Speedy Wunderground, a dubby funk song that recalled something closer to ESG but with a sleeker DFA-style groove, that showed there was more to the band than "Remember the '90s?" reference points that you might be tempted to reduce them to.

Their latest song, (H)ours, is another pop funk song led by a properly slick groove and Chalin's vocals, with Georgia and Cherish's voices harmonizing and dancing around it. It's an awful lot of fun, and best of all, it's available for free.