Jerry Paper – 3D Dream (World Mix)

Weird and wonderful DIY pop from a Brooklyn songwriter.


Orange Milk are a record label based between New York and Ohio who release cassettes (and occasional vinyl records) from leftfield, underground, and DIY pop artists. A lot of their stuff is insanely good – their Soundcloud has everything from epic low resolution prog rock from Larry Wish to video game lounge exotica from Pajjama – so it's no surprise that they've built a small but dedicated following on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

One of Orange Milk's next ventures is a record by a Brooklyn songwriter called Jerry Paper. His new record 'BIG POP FOR CHAMELEON WORLD' – his second – is due out through the label in August and is being led by a lovely song called 3D World (Dream Mix). No idea what's going on in the mumbled lyrics, but the song is just the sweetest thing, a lush bit of digital pop that is, above all, highly musical music.

Orange Milk release 'BIG POP FOR CHAMELEON WORLD' in August 2014.

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