Girl Band – De Bom Bom

Dublin noise rock group Girl Band, responsible for that amazing Blawan cover and ace single Lawman, ready their scuzzy new 7" single.


There's something refreshing about drenching oneself in the static of Girl Band. The Dublin band – previously known for their schizoid version of Blawan's actually terrifying Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage and the dystopian post-Blues of this year's Lawman – have surfaced again after extensive show-playing to release summer anti-anthem, De Bom Bom.

While drummer Adam Faulkner enjoys a spot of breakbeats, recorded with a satisfying shed-in-the-garden aesthetic, Alan Duggan and Daniel Fox (guitar and bass, respectively) hammer out ferocious grotesques of white noise – a roaring storm through which Dara Kiely throws his vocal thunder, torn between ragged whateverness and slurred screaming.

Any Other City Records release De Bom Bom/I Love You on September 1st 2014 (pre-order).