Giant Claw – DARK WEB 005

A frantic-paced collage from the Orange Milk Records co-founder's experimental debut album.


Giant Claw is the musical alias of Keith Rankin, co-founder of the really excellent underground label Orange Milk. 'DARK WEB' is Giant Claw's debut album, a record composed through intricate MIDI notation and sampling that mashes up original music with found samples and chops the resultant sounds to pieces to create one big, bizarre collage, where it's impossible to know where authenticity starts and appropriation ends.

The influence of Oneohtrix Point Never's sublime 'R Plus Seven' can definitely be felt on DARK WEB 005 – it's a rapidfire barrage of chopped-up sounds and styles, presented in the linear 'this happens, and then this happens…' style that OPN exhibited on that album. This is how we imagine Toontown from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? might sound.

Giant Claw 'DARK WEB' tracklist:

01. DARK WEB 001
02. DARK WEB 002
03. DARK WEB 003
04. DARK WEB 004
05. DARK WEB 005
06. DARK WEB 006
07. DARK WEB 007
08. DARK WEB 008

Orange Milk/Noumenal Loom release 'DARK WEB' on September 30th 2014 (pre-order).

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