Felicita – Doves

Some hi-tech noise from the conceptually-minded London producer's new EP.


Hair straighteners, nail polish, and lip gloss are some of the obsessions that form the backbone of Felicita's new song, Doves. Taken from 'Frenemies', Felicita's latest EP and the first for a new label/thing called GumDoves is a bit of hi-tech noise that seems to take some of the ideas that Arca exhibited on 'Stretch 2' and develops, expands on, and, well, stretches them out. There are sonic (and visual) comparisons you can draw between Felicita's music and an artist like SOPHIE or a label like PC Music, but Felicita's intent, in particular his relationship to pop music, seems to be coming from a different place.

Doves comes with its own website, designed by Daniel Swan and Mari Santos, which you should scroll through while listening to the track alongside it for the full experience.

Read our interview with Felicita from last year, the very first we conducted as part of our Next series on up-and-coming artists.

[via The FADER]