Stream Felicita’s new EP, ‘Frenemies’

South London producer shares their new EP - which you can buy as a 12" plus glow-in-the-dark-bag combo!


Words by: Steph Kretowicz

As archivists mourn the disappearance of history in the immaterial, there are producers like Felicita that are saving their own in their objects: for the South London-based artist, it's in a vinyl EP release – following up last year's, ‘(>’.’)>#' – and a limited edition yellow glow-in-the-dark drawstring bag. As creative overspill/overflow/overload becomes the norm, it seems that less is definitely more, not only in the physical manifestations of 'Frenemies' (which is also available digitally via new label Gum) but in its twirling, tweaking, knocking crawl.

Chomping and chewing, expanding and contracting wildly across its elasticated sound spectrum, the record is one that can be almost felt with fingers, as a pitched-up "nah, nah, nah, nah" tumble over the malfunctioning ambience of skip blush. bring it chatters across lumbering rhythm and off-key guitar strings, while EP opener doves, prances about bouncing synth keys and childish whoops and exhalations. 

Streaming on DIS today and out on October 13th, 'Frenemies' is available now for pre-order, either with or without the blinding fluoro accessory to carry it in.

Felicita 'Frenemies' tracklist:

01. doves
02. skip blush
03. climb up eh
04. when you get home
05. wish
06. mmmhm
07. bring it

Gum release the 'Frenemies' EP on October 13th 2014 (pre-order).

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