Deptford Goth – Two Hearts

Romantic little song from the definitely-no-longer-in-Deptford singer-songwriter.


Deptford Goth has shared another song from his new album, 'Songs'.

For this new album, Deptford Goth moved away from a cramped London flat, finding a nice spot by the sea. Maybe you can hear the fresh air in Two Hearts: it's an unfussy, romantic little song, led by piano but ending with a guitar (or a guitar-like sound) with a warmth and heart are positively glowing compared to the dramatic sighs of previous single The Lovers.

News of the song comes with the announcement that Mr. Goth will play a show London's ICA on Friday November 19th, tickets for which can be purchased here.

37 Adventures release 'Songs' on November 3rd 2014 (pre-order).

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