Darq E Freaker – Minger

High octane shovel to the skull from the hype rap producer.


Good chap Darq E Freaker had a pretty decent run in 2013, producing tracks like Gita's great Mardi Gras and Mickey Lightfoot's L.O.S.T., but the kind-of-grime-but-not-really-grime producer's newest track does away with the vocalists in favour of straight club fire.

Named after the most beautiful and flattering of schoolyard taunts, Minger comes out through Glaswegian club hub Numbers. Over the years, Numbers have been described as all sorts of things – Rustie/HudMo-style hypercolour beats, straight-up house and techno, the much-loathed term "future garage" – but really, they've never had a static sound. Case in point: Minger sounds nothing like their last release (Deadboy's 'Return' EP), which itself sounded nothing like what came before it (Doc Daneeka's Walk On In).

If you could compare the track to anything, think Rustie's serotonin shot Slasherr, released last year for the label's 10th birthday celebrations. Minger is serious business, a loud, trancey, high octane shovel to the skull.

Stream the track over on the Dummy player, and be sure to check out Darq E Freaker's selections for his favourite tracks of 2013, which is basically a glorious rundown of every massive rap track from the year.

Numbers release Minger on June 2nd 2014.

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