B£AMS – Brush Phenotype

Hazy sounds from the Brixton resident, out via ace blog-turned-record label Sonic Router.


B£AMS is a resident of Brixton who makes wandering, exploratory electronic music. A lot of the music that makes up new 10-track beat collection 'Unforthcoming Self' could be described as 'hazy', but while that description tends to suggest music for the head – slow, nodding, obscured by weed smoke – tracks like Brush Phenotype are bright and bodily.

'Unforthcoming Self' is out via blog-turned-record label Sonic Router as a cassette and digital download very soon, and features collaborations with Hello Skinny, Broshuda, and croons from Adam Oko on Garbadine.

B£AMS 'Unforthcoming Self' tracklist:

01. I Can’t
02. Lies In ‘85
03. Revolutions (A B£AMS & Hello Skinny Production)
04. Do Away With Your Unforthcoming Self
05. Garbadine (with Adam Oko)
06. Pimp Seer
07. Always The Same
08. Sandoz
09. Over (feat. Broshuda)
10. Brush Phenotype    

Sonic Router release 'Unforthcoming Self' on December 1st 2014 (pre-order).