Antoine93 – Extra Strong

Leftfield pop singer from Montreal tries to do hyper-generic pop song, ends up doing something distinctive and original instead.


A few months ago we wrote about Montreal leftfield pop artist Antoine93's droll Only Do The Music video, and now he's back with a new song, the nipping and sprouting Extra Strong, from his upcoming release, 'Maybe Unlock My Heart'. 

His intention with Extra Strong echoes what London duo Yola Fatoush did on their recent song, Glow: "Extra Strong is a hyper-generic dance anthem about being empowered in what you do and never settling," says Antoine, "It's got the energy of The Prodigy's No Good (Start The Dance) and the catchiness of Rihanna's We Found Love.''

The song also has Antoine's friend and fellow musician, Pascale Mercier (Mathematique) singing on it, with mixing and extra production courtesy of Patrick Gregoire, otherwise known as Pat Jordache.

People in Montreal can catch Antoine tomorrow (September 19th) at POP Montréal, where he plays at Le Late Night Little Burgundy.