Kane West – ‘Western Beats’

Don't forget me when you're famous, Kane!


You might remember Kane West from his mini-mix on PC Music's DISown Radio show (because how could you forget that amazing Burial cover?). His stuff is probably the closest to straight-up jacking house music on PC Music – on a track like Power of Social Media you even get an overt nod with a Jack to the Sound of the Underground sample – but it's house music done unlike anyone else.

'Western Beats' is Kane West's debut release for the label and collects seven tracks together. The highlights are probably Good Price ("Don't forget me when you're famous, Kane!"), the completely unhinged Gameset, and the PC Music-gone-Trax-Records-isms of Goin Crazy. But it's all pretty wonderful stuff: it's colourful, super musical, and it has a sense of humour without being an outright joke. Basically, it's some of the best stuff to come out on a label who seem to be consistently throwing out their best stuff.

You can stream a mix of the release below, and download the separate MP3s over at PC Music.

Kane West 'Western Beats' tracklist:

01. Gameset
02. Baby How Could We Be Wrong
03. Power of Social Media
04. Preview
05. Good Price
06. PR
07. Goin Crazy

PC Music released 'Western Beats' on September 1st 2014 (download).

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