Stewart Lee links with Asian Dub Foundation on ‘Comin’ Over Here’ visuals

The new video sees Lee delivering his hilarious riposte to UK nationalism


Words by: Felicity Martin

Stewart Lee has teamed up with Asian Dub Foundation for a new video version of ‘Comin’ Over Here’, the track that samples Lee’s riposte to former UKIP leader Paul Nuttal’s xenophobic rant on BBC Radio 4.

The now-infamous sketch by the comedian tackles the hypocrisy of the nationalist agenda, via a brief world history of immigration: “Bloody poles coming over here, coming over here being all Polish and mending everything… when I was a kid it was the Indians, coming over here, inventing us a national cuisine. And before then, in the 5th century it was the Anglo Saxons, with their shit burial traditions and miserable epic poetry…”

The cut is taken from Asian Dub Foundation’s ‘Access Denied’, an album released in September of punk, drum ‘n’ bass, dub and lyrical soundclashing.

‘Access Denied’ tackles themes surrounding Brexit and the climate crisis, including the vocals of Greta Thunberg, 47Soul, as well as Chilean vocalist and the voice of recent protests in Chile, Ana Tijoux.

As the one-month Brexit countdown begins, ‘Coming Over Here’ now has a video featuring Stewart Lee himself – watch it below.

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