Steve Hauschildt – Where All Is Fled

Hear the first track from the former Emeralds musician's new solo album.


Steve Hauschildt is releasing a new album in September.

'Where All Is Fled' is Hauschildt's first album since the very excellent 'Sequitur' in late 2012. Inspired by surrealist paintings, alchemy, and recurring visions, the album sees Hauschildt experimenting with processed sounds (from crowds, text-to-speech synthesis programs, and animal noises) alongside his familiar analogue and digital synthesizers, returning to a frequent fascination with artificial and natural sounds. Its title track is a forlorn number, little more than a piano and drones.

Hauschildt was a member of beloved instrumental synth/kosmische trio Emeralds alongside Mark McGuire and John Elliott until they sadly split up in early 2013.

Steve Hauschildt 'Where All Is Fled' tracklist:

01. Eyelids Gently Dreaming
02. Arpeggiare
03. A Reflecting Pool
04. Anesthesia
05. Vicinities
06. Edgewater Prelude
07. In Spite Of Time's Disguise
08. Where All Is Fled
09. The World Is Too Much With Us
10. Aequus
11. Caduceus
12. Sundialed
13. Lifelike
14. Centrifuge

Kranky release 'Where All Is Fled' on September 25th 2015.