Stellar OM Source – Elite Excel

Hear a new track from Stellar OM Source's upcoming album for RVNG Intl.


RVNG Intl. have had a pretty quiet year so far, with their biggest release coming in the form of Maxmillion Dunbar’s very excellent ‘House Of Woo’, but they’re kicking back into action with the forthcoming release of ‘Joy One Mile’, the new album from Stellar OM Source.

Stellar OM Source is the alias of one Christelle Gualdi, who first gained recognition coming out of the US DIY synth scene alongside the likes of Oneohtrix Point Never and Emeralds. Having released a stack of CD-Rs and limited run LPs over the past five or so years, this is Gualdi’s most high profile release to date, a seven-track collection that was recorded live in one take on hardware and given to Kassem Mosse to mix and arrange. The first taster from the album is Elite Excel, a psychedelic techno track that sounds somewhere between i-F and Oni Ayhun that gradually swells and eventually explodes.

RVNG Intl. will release ‘Joy One Mile’ on the 11th June 2013.

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