Stealing Sheep – Greed

Liverpool trio share a properly great piece of modern psychedelic pop.


Stealing Sheep's new, second album 'Not Real' drops next week via Heavenly Recordings.

'Not Real' sees the Liverpool trio opening out their world to new production techniques, subscribing very much to a studio-as-instrument ethos. Thankfully, they don't get too caught up in the process of production and keep their eyes on the end result. Case in point: new song Greed balances a few new techniques – marching percussion loops and drones amongst them – with a classicist's approach to writing songs. It's properly great as well, evoking a very English sort of psychedelia but in a very modern, cliché-averse way.

Heavenly Recordings release 'Not Real' on April 13th 2015 (pre-order).