Stay Positive – You Hate Me (feat. Cooly G)

The man formerly known as Stay+ and Christian AIDS recruits Hyperdub's Cooly G for a slab of big room guff.


Stay Positive (formerly known as Stay+, and even more formerly known as Christian AIDS) has dropped a new single called You Hate Me featuring Hyperdub’s finest Cooly G on vocals. It’s all quite subversive, aping the style of big room guff (trance chords, thumping 4×4, chipmunk vocals) but maintaining ironic distance (the track’s depressing title contradicts the genre it mimics, Cooly’s enrapturing vocal adds credibility). Stay Positive has history with this sort of stuff, bootlegging Samantha Mumba tracks and conducting interviews via balloons and Youtube clips like a less imaginative Dean & Inga, but this is probably the most overt he’s been about it.

Stay Positive Industries will release the ‘Blood Brother’ EP on August 1st.

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