Heavy yet hopeful missive from Austin-via-LA synth artist.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

The future is in flux. Back in the 50s and 60s, when a post-war generation were enamoured with groundbreaking gadgets like food mixers, the future was aluminium-foil wrapped and populated by shiny, happy people popping pills instead of meals. (Hang on…) After Hiroshima, as Ballard was wont to point out, the future got pretty bleak and it's stayed that way. The apocalypse has never been more popular. While gruelling cinematic scores were originally intended to terrify, those sonic themes have long sunk into thrilling – even comforting – territory. There's pleasure to be taken in such disillusionment, in music that confirms what we already know. Texas-via-LA synth artist SSLEEPERHOLD, formerly of Minimal Wave signed band Medio Mutante, operates in such a realm. His music takes the heaviest of notions and finds something hopeful in the sonic assault. Ruleth is the title track from his debut album on Austin label Holodeck. It grinds and groans under the weight of its own crushing disenchantment yet pushes on, forward, nevertheless. 

Holodeck Records will release SSLEEPERHOLD's 'Ruleth' album on 15th October 2013.