Spotify reveals UK divisions

Listening data brings out regional differences in our listening habits.


Words by: Anthony Walker

Spotify has over 10 million active users and catalogue holding over 15 million tracks with 20,000 more added every day and is an important player in the online music game. Over last month they tracked the top songs in 10 UK cities and came up with some statistics highlighting the big hitters and subtle differences in musical taste around the country.

Amongst the reams of data, the study has found that Northern England has the biggest audience of artists that have emerged from talent shows with One Direction, Kelly Clarkson and Olly Murs charting highest there and Glasgow particularly showing love to the X-Factor five piece with three of their tracks charting at the highest positions within the top 100. London was the only city not to feature One Direction’s Gotta Be You in its top list, however, and with Bristol and Cardiff had emerging artists like Lana Del Rey and Gotye in heavy rotation.

It also shows that Bristol, along with Birmingham had the most home-grown artists in their respective charts whilst David Guetta’s euro-house track with Nicki Minaj Turn Me On charted highest in Liverpool and the rapper Flo Rida was popular with two tracks charting in the highest positions in Leeds, Edinburgh and Liverpool.

Unsurprisingly, given his haul at the BRITS, Ed Sheeran was the big winner in February with the most tracks (12) in the countrywide top 100 list.

Stand up tall or lie about your postcode, it’s an interesting and honest snapshot of musical tastes in contemporary Britain. Spotify have made top 40 playlists for each of the cities tracked in the study available below:











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