Spotify adds new video, podcast, and radio features

The streaming giant has unveiled a raft of new features to their service.


Spotify has integrated video, podcasts, and radio into its usual streaming service, with users able to switch between media formats as and when without having to leave the app.

The redesigned platform offers a selection of playlists produced according to your tastes, listening history, and time of day, so you can discover the right selection to fit your mood.

Daniel Ek, Spotify CEO, said at a press event that "the new Spotify will give you power to integrate music into our lives in a way that's kind of revolutionary." Ah, tech – never afraid to declare any miniscule tweak to their product a 'revolution'.

According to Ek, Spotify's biggest users listen to 16 hours of music a day and use Spotify to soundtrack their lives, with the company realising the (fairly obvious) fact that people are less fussed about genres nowadays and more about themes, moods, and aesthetics, with their listening habits shaped in an activity-orientated way. They're now interested in delivering the perfect soundtrack, working with curators and the like to achieve this.

Other things they've been working on include playlists for when you're running, which change tempo according to your pace. Further to this they're also developing bespoke apps with artists like Tiesto that create fluid tracks that can adapt to your pace as it plays.

Content partners for the new features include Disney, TED, the BBC, VICE Media, Slate, ESPN, and Conde Nast.

The rollout for the new additions should be underway in the UK already.

[via Wired]