Spinee – Pretty Green

Stream Spinee's new for PC Music, with remixes by D.J. Detweiler and Anamanaguchi.


The latest PC Music release is the debut EP from Spinee.

Spinee is an associate of the PC Mus family: she's played at a few of their parties (sets often involve Crash BandicootEvanescence samples, and canines), but her only release so far was a mix put out via editorial platform LOGO Magazine.

That changes with 'Pretty Green'. Its title track is a bootleg of Ultrabeat's Pretty Green Eyes – it keeps those generic pan flute synth sounds (you know, the ones used to emphasise anything vaguely 'ethnic' or spiritual in most American TV shows of the '90s) and packs a massive punch. On the flipside is an industrial club track called Man Eaten By Dog alongside some remixes.

Actually, it's those remixes that are of particular note, as they open up the world to artists outside of the usual PC Music clan. D.J. Detweiler, the producer responsible for the #flutedrop phenomenon until its demise last month, turns in a pretty warped version of Pretty Green. Meanwhile, Anamanaguchi – a group who you could maybe argue are the most mainstream exponents of a PC Music-ish style (they soundtracked a Target advert and everything) – do their own take on that song.

As ever, head over to PC Music to download the release.

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