Spector – All The Sad Young Men (Debukas remix)

Glasgow producer does a playful, 'cosmic Italo' remix of the v. good British band.


Very decent British band Spector have a new single out called All The Sad Young Men.

You might have heard it, and you might have also heard a remix by PC Music's Danny L Harle. Now the song's been handed over to another guy to redesign – this time, Debukas.

Debukas is a Glasgow producer and admiral of a small fleet of synthesizers. He's got a a new EP out next month which, judging from the previews, will feature some refreshingly different house music – fun and playful, but with a little bit of dirt under the nails. His take on All The Sad Young Men is pretty chunky.

"With Spector tunes there's never any shortage of interesting sounds and textures below the surface, which makes remixing them a total pleasure," says Debukas over email, "Guaranteed vocal hooks too. The 118 BPM tempo and the top synth string line in the original were screaming out for some cosmic Italo treatment."

All The Sad Young Men precedes a new album from Spector, set to be announced later this year. Spector are playing a small show at London's The Lexington on March 12th, but it's sold out. But don't despair! Fans can also catch them on April 16th at the city's 100 Club, tickets for which can be bought here.