Special Request – Lolita / Alone / Kassem Mosse remix

Pirate radio mining sounds from Paul Woolford's thrilling new project.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

In the early 2000s, Paul Woolford was one of the residents of legendary house night Back To Basics in Leeds where I spent my formative clubbing years: a lot of good times and some very hazy memories. Woolford has been producing for donkey’s years, most recently releasing on Carl Craig’s Planet E Communications and Hotflush. This new project, recorded under the name Special Request, finds him taking a sideways step away from his house roots to mine the airwaves of pirate radio for inspiration. The debut release will be a white label featuring two tracks, a dub and a Kassem Mosse remix. You can hear previews of all four in the mini-mix below. Lolita in particular is a thrillingly grainy listen.

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