Spaceghostpurrp on the Trayvon Martin tragedy

Miami rap artist provides insight into the the tragic events surrounding the fatal shooting of a Florida teen.


Words by: Charlie Jones

In a candid interview with Vice Magazine rising hip hop artist Spaceghostpurrp recalls seeing 17-year-old Travyon Martin around, growing up in the Florida neighbourhood of Carol City. The African-American youth was shot and killed late last month by one George Zimmerman who cited self-defence as the motive. Since then no arrest has been made, despite allegations of it being a racially motivated attack, sparking mass protests in Florida and public outcry.

In offering his thoughts on the situation, Spaceghostpurrp told Vice that from what he knew of Martin he was quiet and kept to himself, while adding that the situation is yet another indication of ongoing inequality in Florida and the US:

“The thing is that whites and blacks do get along in Florida. But, one thing about Florida is that the biggest perceived threat in Florida is young black males from middle school up to college age.”

“You can’t even get a job in Florida if you’re black. They already think you’re ignorant. But all black people are not ignorant. There are ignorant sides of each race.”

“They can call me what they want to call me. I know what I am. I know I’m a strong black man and I represent peace.”

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