Soundcloud do some pretty cool stuff

Soundcloud, the really good music website, have launched a place for "crazy, cutting-edge ideas".


Words by: Charlie Jones

SoundCloud, the excellent Berlin-based music streaming platform has just launched a new project titled ‘SoundCloud labs’. Hosted at, it’s pitched as a space for their “crazier, cutting edge ideas” and should help hone the work that third-party developers do with the SoundCloud platform.

Though still in its infancy, labs looks to be bridging the gap between outsider developers and the vision of the founders of the site, allowing the SoundCloud team to curate and promote the ideas that they think fit best. Watch out for further additions as the community grows, but for now there are just four applications available on the site, some of which have been around for a little while.

1 – Social Unlock – Helps users create a listening page that can be easily shared on social networks, with fans rewarded for sharing with a free download.

2 – TakesQuestions – Lets friends and followers on SoundCloud ask any question and share the answers.

3 – Importer – A simple importer for music into SoundCloud from a URL, via email or even via a private phone line.

4 – Google Apps Gmail Plugin – Shows SoundCloud waveform players for tracks that are linked in emails on Googlemail.

Soundcloud Labs is quite exciting and can be found by clicking this link