SoundCloud launches official bot on Discord to assist with music discovery

Users can discover new artists, share their SoundCloud library and more...


Words by: Billy Ward

SoundCloud has launched an official music bot on Discord, allowing users of the community platform to discover new artists, share playlists, play tracks from their SoundCloud library and more — without risk of takedown. 

The SoundCloud bot has many useful features, including a /discover command, enabling people to find and play music on SoundCloud based on tags, genres and moods. 

One of the best online platforms for growing communities right now, Discord currently has more than 150 million monthly active users and 19 million active servers, with more and more being devoted to music and individual artists each day.

Music streaming bots are becoming increasingly popular on Discord but often come with the risk of being removed unless they’re official. Last year, one of the biggest Discord music bots Rhythm was shut down after YouTube issued a cease and desist letter to the developers, so it makes sense for a platform like SoundCloud to get in on the trend allowing users to freely enjoy music on the platform without any takedown notices. 

The new SoundCloud bot allows for the use of normally-premium features while in the Discord app. Users can invite SoundCloud’s bot to their server before using text prompts to discover new music, play tracks from their SoundCloud library, adjust volume and more.

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