Soul Jazz Strike a Pose

Soul Jazz Records release Vogue-ing book on Harlem ballroom scene, with CD to follow.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Soul Jazz Records have just published a 200 page book on the House Ball Vogue scene in New York City, and a two-disco compilation will follow in February of next year.

Voguing: Voguing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York City 1989-92 documents the house balls which became popular in the NYC gay community in the late eighties. At large events, men would take turns to walk a catwalk, striking poses – voguing – in costume, competing for prizes for best walk, best outfit, best drag.

The book features pictures of the flamboyant stars of the Harlem Ball scene – dancers Willie Ninja and Luis Xtravaganza (both of whom went on to work with Madona) and the legendary House mothers such as Peppa LaBeija and Carmen Xtravaganza, all of whom will be familiar to anyone who has seen the seminal House Ball documentary, Paris is Burning.

The double LP/CD will feature tracks which defined the NYC House sound of the time, including tracks from Masters at Work, MFSB, Junior Vasquez, Diana Ross, Armand Van Helden, Loose Joints and First Choice. Full tracklisting details will be released early next year.

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