Sons of Kemet – Itis (Micachu remix)

Stream a mad remix of the jazz quartet from the genius producer.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Sons of Kemet are a quartet who use clarinet, sax, tuba and two percussionists to explore the far-flung edges of jazz and Caribbean folk music. Lead by frontman Shabaka Hutchings, their track Itis is a manic exercise in tension and release, with its minimal meanderings building ever so gradually to an explosion of melody from Hutchings' sax and an enthusiastic swing, and you'd be right in thinking that things don't get any calmer once Micachu is involved. The producer's frantic rework seizes on the most fraught moments of the piece – the points at which it's fully in swing and the sax is exerting itself to the point that it makes you tired just to listen to it – and stretches those moments out into one rumbling, hyperactive blast of a track. 

Sons of Kemet will play London's Rich Mix on the 12th February – more information on that here.

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