Portishead’s Adrian Utley has written a soundtrack for some trees

The Portishead guitarist has released a musical accompaniment to a walk around a manor in Herefordshire.


Adrian Utley, best known for his work as a guitarist for Portishead, has released a piece of music to accompany a walk around a National Trust site in Herefordshire, one that was “inspired by ancient trees.”

Unfortunately, it is not the abstract soundtrack for the rolling hills that you might be hoping for – that will have to wait for another day – but it is for Croft Castle. Croft Castle is a castellated manor house which has a walled garden dominated by ancient trees, including a thousand-year-old oak tree.

Utley’s piece is part of The Sonic Journey, a series commissioned by the National Trust and sounduk, which has previously given us Micachu’s journey around the Barbican Centre and Shackleton’s charting of a Devon train journey. For those that can’t get to Croft Castle any time soon, Portishead filmmaker John Minton has created a video based on the walk that can be watched at The Space.

The track itself is available to download for free now via sounduk’s Soundcloud page.

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