Someone in London nicked A$AP Rocky’s Rolex, so London beat him up

A brawl erupted at A$AP Rocky's London show last night.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Halfway through A$AP Rocky’s gig at a near-capacity Camden Electric Ballroom last night, the music was cut short. The bare-chested Harlem rapper called out that someone in the audience had stolen his Rolex, which is a bit of a expensive stagedive, even for a man who has signed a $3m deal.

The atmosphere, previously celebratory took a turn for the chillier, and it exploded when someone to the right of the stage appeared to be taunting him by holding up the $15,000 watch. In a moment to make all rap fans feel either proud or ashamed, the crowd turned on him, with Rocky shouting “Yeah, fuck that n**** up”, and so on. The brawl moved to the back of the room, where lots of people stood around looking tense and filming each other on their phones for a minute or so, until security rushed the fighters out of the exit, during which time Rocky (who was not involved in the scrap itself), kicked off Pesos, as the house lights gradually went down.

The rest of the show, including a particularly pointed version of Chief Keef’s I Don’t Like, was a little icier than before, though by the end Rocky was telling London “Thank you for supporting me”, and seemed to have had his Rolex back. We’ll be posting the video from the event shortly.

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