Some Berlin clubs are reopening as beer gardens

Clubs with open spaces are considering opening their doors with a strict no-dancing policy


Words by: Felicity Martin

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic there has been huge concern in the music industry about the economic impact on clubs and festivals, which are being slated as the very last places to re-open.

However, clubs in the German capital with open spaces are now looking to start operating again, but in a very limited capacity, as the Berliner Zeitung reports.

Open-air club Sisyphos is reopening on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 3pm until 10pm, but with a strict no-dancing rule. Posting on Facebook, the club announced a pivot to acting as a restaurant, with free admission, table service and mask-wearing policy.

Techno club ://about blank is also keen to reopen, but is trying to figure out how to do so in a responsible manner. “Containing the pandemic remains our top priority,” said Elisabeth Steffen of the club. “But of course we notice that there is a longing – with the guests and with us.”

Other clubs with open spaces are hesitant, but are seeing the ‘beer gardening of clubs’ as economically critical.

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